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Tired of FAILING!!!

So damn tired, man. I tried a lot of business ideas that could work for me while staying legal about it. Coming from Brunei, a tiny country with about 350k population and a bad economic climate, my ideas are limited and initiatives are poorly executed.
Sure, I've learnt from my failures each time, but I just feel tired from even trying again. My first venture was an online e-commerce store selling gadgets and then realized I can't receive money via PayPal. Shit. Stupid little detail.
Second venture was Forex. Tried every strategy, backtest and learn some more. I made some money, cool. But it wasn't enough to sustain as a full time trading career. Working at my day job, I figure I might as well automate my strategy. It worked for the first week very well. Fucked up the following week. Simply because it lacks how to read the news for fundamental trading. I could quit but I need savings. According to calculations, it will take a year to get enough savings to last me 3 months. Moving on.
Third venture was Freelance Web Dev and scale to Web Dev Agency. Tough competition but I won a couple of contracts per month. Problem was it was taking up my day job time and made me lose focus. Had to cancel after my third project. AAARGH!!!
Fourth venture was working on a simple startup for take down stolen copyrighted software/content for software and content companies/businesses. Partnered with 2 younger fellows. And that was a problem, they were too young. Not only that, we had miscommunication after I set up everything for the startup (company name, domain, hosting, customer management system, email, backup scheduler, etc). We decided since we had no rhythm, we closed up shop. So much facepalm.
Fifth venture, affiliate marketing. I hate it. I riddled my blog with lots of offers and ads, gained little traffic and 0 conversions. I realized it's taking way too long to be recognised as an authentic guy to refer others to products, even with my personal reviews. Sigh.
Sixth venture, website flipping. My e-commerce shop from my first venture was still running (about 3 years I think) and about to expire. Decided to sell and see if anyone wants to flip it for more. Advertised on Craigslist, Flippa and a few other online ad boards. No catch. Investment wasted. Thought I could use it as a start to build more websites and sell them. I must suck as a WebDev.
I'm on my seventh venture, won't say more but it involves food decisions and delivery simplicity for busy people but I'm also tired of working on it. Kinda lost motivation. Burnt. And now I'm here ranting.
Sorry for the wall text. Just wanna let loose.
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